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There is a saying that “ignorance is bliss”! However, this is not right in some situations, particularly in relation to health. In fact, in relation to health, the saying should be modified to “Ignorance can take lives”! Therefore, if one has a chronic disease, he must know several aspects of that disease, which is pre-requisite for its care. This is somewhat akin to knowing about one’s car for its proper maintenance!  The primary aim of SPREAD is therefore, SPREADing health education among patients to improve care of their health.

SPREAD was initiated in July 2006 in the memory of Smt. Shanti Sudha Ghoshal(10th October 1926-12th December 2006), mother of Dr. Uday Chand Ghoshal. This is a charitable activity primarily towards welfare of patients through education. However, the site may also be of use to medical students, doctors and other health care professionals.

We request all health care professionals to help SPREAD in SPREADing health education by contributing articles, recommending it to their patients and popularizing it among students and colleagues.  Patients and their relatives who faced the agony of a disease are the best persons to narrate their feelings. SPREAD encourages patients and their relatives with good writing skill to submit stories. For more details, see “how to contribute section” of SPREAD.

SPREAD also requests active participation of each member of society in its effort to fight against disease. Financial support towards this charitable activity is welcome; please mail us at spreadhealthedu@gmail.com if you wish to provide any financial support.